Friday, 20 July 2007

Welcome to Amanda's Racing Journal

It is hoped that this will become an addition to my website. As it has not been that easy to keep updating the pages. (I'm currently doing it on the cheap i.e free so hosting the website doesn't cost that much but uploading the material on to it takes ages).

Anyway this is going to be my new log of motor racing. Mostly my own personal racing and may be if I ever get the time to comment on the pro's! I am currently racing in an arrive and drive championship at PFi, Newark this season and of course playing and having fun in anything else i can get my hands on!!

Right well I'm currently looking forward to racing at Leeds Indoor Circuit 'Pole Position' ( tomorrow (21st July) where they are doing a Race and Rock Night. I'm competing in a 2 hour endurance with 2 guys that I have meet racing at PFi. Ive never been to the circuit and haven't been to an indoor circuit in a while.

Very much looking forward to it and I'll try and log on to let you know how I get on. Bye for now

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