Saturday, 21 July 2007

Success in Open Endurance Race - Leeds

2Hr Endurance Team; Steve Woodall, Kev Singh, Amanda Black
Location; PPiK, Leeds
Date; 21/07/07

Today I travelled up with my father in the pouring rain to Leeds. When is this weather going to get any better?! After getting to the circuit very easily, thanks from the help from TomTom (and Steve) we signed on and commenced in a circuit walk. This circuit as a great Bridge and Blind Entrance Tunnel (Where loads of people spin and cause big pile ups – not me of course!). This was followed by a safety briefing where we drew our starting positions from a hat. Luckily Steve got Number 14! (There was 15 karts in the race) meaning we had to start off from 2nd to last. Steve went out first and was fighting his way through the traffic, he did an amazing job, getting the team to the very front. Then it was my turn. No pressure! The team was in first and I had never been round the circuit before! Lovely. Really didn’t want to let guys down or give women a bad name! I learnt the circuit quite quickly and was doing good racing laps. I managed to keep it out in the lead until I got black flagged (I was later told it was driving to fast under yellow conditions, but I was going slower than the guy in front and I thought the guy behind me was catching – but never mind – no excuses!!). I was able to post my fastest lap time of 42.5. seconds. Time for Kev to jump in and do a 20 minute stint, keeping the kart in first position and obtaining the teams’ fastest lap of the afternoon 42.1 seconds. I jumped in again for a last stint still in first and kev completed the 2 hour endurance to bring the kart home in first.

Well done to all the other teams that took part - A great race – I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you very much Steve for inviting me and risking putting a female in your team!!

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