Sunday, 1 May 2016

Successful start to GT Cup Season

GT Cup – Donington – April 23/24 2016. 

Jazzy Lifetime Ginetta G55 

Race 1 - IA - 1st

Race 2 - AB - 2nd
Race 3 - IA+AB - 2nd

Race 1; 25 min – I Anderson 

Qualifying in the Jazzy Ginetta went better than could have been anticipated, finding another second over test pace to put the G55 onto P12 overall (out of 24) and second in the GTA class out of 9 entrants. 
The first race was close with the lead GTA car never more than 4 or 5 seconds ahead, the gap changing as faster traffic from the GTO & GTC classes came through. With 8 mins to go to the chequered flag the gap to the BMW M3 of Webb was closed as traffic caused a “log jam” going through the Esses onto the start straight.  Anderson got a cleaner line with a good exit and managed to draw alongside the Webb BMW. The BMW was quicker in a straight line and pulled around 2 car lengths ahead, but Andersons Ginetta with the advantage of the inside line heading to Redgate Corner outbraked the Webb car and held the racing line and took the GTA lead. The next 7 mins consisted of driving qualifying lines where possible to build a gap and taking the defensive line wherever the BMW’s speed and power could threaten. Despite repeated attempts to pass, Anderson brought the Jazzy Ginetta to the line ahead of Webbs M3 to record the Maiden GTA class win in the 2016 GT Cup for the Lifetime Racing run Jazzy sponsored Ginetta G55. 

Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson

Race 2; 25 min – A Black 

JazzyQualifying for race 2 was decided based on fastest lap times made in Race 1. The Jazzy Ginetta G55 run by lifetime racing qualified 2nd in class. The second race saw Amanda Black take the wheel. The rolling start saw Black keep second place keeping 2 other Ginetta G55 behind her and was starting to pull out a small gap between the other Ginetta’s. A few laps into the race saw a safety car come out after an incident between a Porsche and an Audi R8 at the final chicane. This closed the gap. Throughout the rest of the race Black defended well to keep O’Brien in another G55 behind. 

‘It was an amazing battle with O’Brien for 2nd place. I’m very pleased to be on the pace, be competitive and have enjoyed the experience of close GT racing’. 
Boil em

Race 3; 50 min – with 45 second Pitstop & Driver change. A Black / I Anderson 

Sunday morning Qualifying put the Jazzy Ginetta on its customary P12 position on the grid, missing out by 16/1000ths of a second to the Ginetta of O’Brien in GTA P2 and the Webb BMW M3 on GTA Pole. 

Amanda Black started the race and managed to hold off a strong challenge from the following GTA pack of G55’s and Porsche Caymans to maintain 3rd. In the run to the pits stop window the Webb BMW held P1 and the O Brien G55 was in second about 8 seconds ahead. The pits stop was scheduled for the 26th minute and went like clockwork. In, driver change and out on track in under 49 seconds. The mandatory minimum pit stop time being 45 seconds for both single driver and two driver teams. No other 2 driver team performed a faster stop than the Jazzy Lifetime G55. Anderson was now out on track and tried to close the gap to O’Brien who was now some 12 seconds ahead after the pitstops had been completed. The Jazzy tyres were showing degradation having been run for the duration of the weekend and it was impossible to close or match the late race pace of the other G55’s. Running in 3rd it looked like the challenge would be to retain P3 from the following pack around 6 seconds behind. Then with 7 minutes to go the OBrien G55 was given a drive through penalty for their pitstop being too short by around 4 seconds. This put the Jazzy G55 into P2 with the other G55’s all now behind but chasing down Anderson by a second or more a lap. It was back to the race 1 scenario to drive as hard as possible where there was no threat and defend everywhere else. With 3 minutes to go the pack were right on the Jazzy cars’ tail and it was defend at all points on the circuit, and despite several attempts and a series of challenges into Redgate and the Esses Anderson managed to bring the G55 home for P2 in GTA behind Webbs BMW. 

"A truly phenomenal start to the 2016 season for the Jazzy Lifetime team. The car is still in a development phase and there is more to come, both drivers believe there is more pace and track time and revised tyre strategy will help bring this to the for. The closeness and cleanness of the racing in GT Cup is fantastic and the experience gained in racing Caterhams and fighting and defending for entire races has certainly been of immense benefit this weekend.  It was an amazing experience to be back on the Podium after a years break from racing and the season looks like its going to be a close fought battle for honours amongst the GTA class G55s, Caymans and Vantages – can’t wait until the next round at Brands Hatch GP circuit in May". 

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