Thursday, 18 February 2016

Ice and Flu doesn't stop first Ginetta run in 2016

Tuesday 16th February

Having suffered from Flu on Monday which spread into the early hours of Tuesday. I did not wake up with a bundle of joy with the through of jumping into a race car. I actually wanted to go back to bed. Having not eaten anything for 24 hours that was probably the sensible option after looking out of the window to ice and fog. But in the true motorsport spirit, when do you go for the sensible option!!

Luckily Ian had packed my race bag the night before, so I gingerly got myself into the car with a blanket and lemsip and started the journey to Snetterton. It was typical, the morning that we actually wanted to do something and it was icy with clearing fog! When we got to the circuit it was frozen, so we had to wait for the marshals to work their magic and get the circuit ready for action. (To be honest this suited me down to the ground and gave me extra time to recover!) It was of course Ian's and my first outting with the new 2016 'Jazzy' livery. Which looked truly amazing.

The track was wet all day so there was only wet tyre running. However it enabled the car to have a proper pre-season shakedown to ensure everything was running well and ready for the season. Amazing to think that we hadn't run the car since last June, so to blow of the cobwebs was just great.

During lunchtime and the afternoon we managed to get some great photo's of the car in its new livery. (To be unveiled soon!) but to give you a hint it looks a bit like this ....

64 days and counting until the first round on 23rd April at Donington Park. Can't wait.

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