Thursday, 25 October 2012

Birkett 2012


Currently getting ready for the Birkett 6 hour relay race. A race that started in 1951. That’s a long 6 hours I hear you cry! Ha Ha.

relay race

THE TEAM: 6 Sigma Graduates

6 Sigma Grads

Team Manager – Martyn Lewis 
Members: Ian Anderson
Amanda Black
Andrew Hayter
Dan Siviter
Ian Dyble
Andrew McMillan
Garage – 7c

All driving Caterham Graduate Sigma Spec cars and competing in Class A – Roadg oing (Capable of passing an MOT) cars up to 1600cc & bike engines up to 1000cc

The ‘Birkett’ is a unique event in the world of motor racing and was originally conceived back in 1951 to give cars of differing performance the opportunity to compete on ‘equal’ terms in a long-distance race; the concept obviously worked and it has proved to be one of the most popular events in the UK.

The event is based upon a free relay system for teams of up to 6 cars. Working on information provided and many years of experience, the handicappers decide upon which team they consider will complete the most laps within the 6 hours - this is the ‘Scratch’ team. The remainder of the teams are given credit laps according to their estimated performance in comparison to the Scratch team and these credit laps are added to those actually completed. Should the Safety Car be used, then the credit laps are proportionally adjusted. The results of the race can be affected by the tactics of the Team Manager just as easily as by the performance and reliability of the cars. If one car in a team is significantly faster than the others, the handicappers may assume that that car will attempt to do more than its fair share of the racing; in that case there may be a limit placed upon the number of laps which that particular car is permitted to complete. If that car does more than its permitted laps, the team faces disqualification from the handicap results, or can opt out of the handicap and simply race for the overall win. During the length of the race, cars will break down out on the circuit. The Team Manager has to decide by how long a car can be ‘missing’ before sending out a replacement. If the ‘missing’ car has simply spun and rejoined the race, no laps are scored whilst two cars from the same team are racing. Results are issued at 60 minute intervals to show the current placing's both on handicap and actual.

Last year the Ecurie Classic Graduates won class A. Can I be in a Sigma team to do it again in 2012?

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