Thursday, 2 August 2012

1st classic graduates race win at Thruxton

Tigger rebuilt and its racing time at Thruxton, Hampshire for Rounds 9 & 10 of the Caterham graduates racing series Championship.

Wow what a turn around. People talk about the highs and lows of Motorsport but this really has been a roller-coaster ride. With the car rebuilt after driving into the pitwall at Anglesey during practise at the last round to getting back out in the car at Thruxton. I did my ARDS for the first time at Thruxton before it lapsed so I had only completed about 3 laps before the weekend and that was back in November 2005!

I had 2x25 min practise sessions on Friday to learn the circuit and get back up to speed.

I had an amazing qualifying session and managed to secure double pole position. Being 0.7 seconds faster than 2nd place and setting both times quicker than the clubs lap record. (unfortunately its not another lap record to add to my name as they need to completed during the race)

Race 1 was a scramble in the top pack. Changing positions every lap. I managed to get to the lead in lap 3 but with the slipstream effect at Thruxton I could not hold it. It was a great typical caterham battle, positions changing all the time and great slipstreaming. I finished 7th as all the front pack drivers cross the line tightly together. It was a great race.

Race two I starting from pole again, I got a better start but dropped to 3rd by the first corner. With tows and slipstreaming by the end of lap 1 I had dropped to 6th. On the next lap I used the slipstream advantage to go from 6th to first!. The lead changed for the next handful of laps. On lap 8 I got to the front with the main aim of trying to break the tow. Qualifying laps where needed, head down and on a charge I managed to pull a gap, braking the tow and completed the next 7 laps in the lead, to win my first Classic race.

The season has been very up and down. A double podium and a lap record at the start of the season. And A visit into the pit wall at Anglesey. It has however been an amazing turn around and come back with a double pole and a race win. Roll on the next round at Cadwell.

Big thank you to all supports and believers including Skegness Grammar School, Signs of the times, McMillian Motorsport (Kevin for rebuilding my car), mum & dad.

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