Saturday, 14 April 2012

Brands Prep

Trigger now ready to race. A few minor alterations and preparation made. Main ones are listed below;
1. New right rear wing and light cluster. (The old one flew off at Donington)
2. Rear boot improvements
Got a knock back in Pembrey last year. McMillian did an excellent job bashing the dent out. Dad and I have filled the hole in and he has done a great job spraying it. On hindsight should have taken the old McMillan sticker off before we did the work, but with a new one the colour match is not as obvious (See above).
3. New for 2012 – Orange 7
Painted the 7 orange in the nose cone. Thought it would be good to look at photos and be able to tell what year they were taken.
4. Orange wing mirror
Next weekend is round 3 and 4 at Brands Hatch. Testing on Friday.
Provisional times
SAT - Qual: 11:05, Race 1 15:55
SUN – Race 2 14:20

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