Friday, 11 November 2011

6hr Birkett – Silverstone – Oct 2011

TEAM: Ecurie Graduates

Graeme Smith
Amanda Black
Rowan Williams
Graham Smith
James Russell

Circuit: Silverstone International GP


I was the reserve driver at the start of the race. As you can see from my iPhone 5hrs and 58 minutes remaining. However that was for the first start. There was a very big pile up at the beginning of the race. it got red flagged and cleared up. I had to be in the car ready to go out for about 45 minutes being the reserve driver.


James Russell (Left) Rowan William (Back) Graham Smith (Right) and I’m in my car.


I ended up running for about 1hr 15minutes for the team. Having not driven the circuit before I was trying to learn it quickly. Unfortunately the rain started. As the circuit is so big. One corner would be wet and the next dry and never the same between the different laps. Good to have some practice in changeable conditions but I really need some more.


Ecurie Graduates when the handicap race for the class. Last race of the season and my first win. What a great way to finish.

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