Monday, 22 October 2007

Is there one more twist in the season still to come?

After a season full of twists, is there still one more turn of the dice? What with the spy scandal, the relationship with Hamilton and Alonso and much more. For there to be an appeal after the final GP to put the results in doubt it has added evenmore to the seasons Soap Opera that it has been. This is just what F1 has been lacking over the last few years.

In my opinion rules are rules. If they are broken there must be a punishment. Ironic that this is what happened to McLaren during the season. They were found to be guilty of breaking the rules and no punishment was given at first to the spy scandal. It does the sport no good what so ever to have people breaking rules and not get punished. If it didn’t matter that fuel temperatures were lower than stated in the rules then they wouldn’t have a rule stating the temperature levels. This was the hottest GP they have had - funny how the temperatures where colder and not hotter. Some professional have stated that it would give a performance benefit, and therefore It has an impact on the results and is a form of cheating. This comes to no surprise at the end of such a season.

The decision has to be taken outside of context, and has to be examined as a race result rather than a championship decider. If this had been the 3rd race of the season what would have happened? May be then the scrutinisers wouldn’t have been scared to disqualify them.

I do believe that this would not be the way that Hamilton would like to win the World Championship. Kimi is a fantastic driver and should really have won it by now. He is the Iceman and hats off to him. We will just have to wait and see!! Again. I just hope the decision is done quickly so that the winner can celebrate in style.

Firstly what a great end to the Season. I must admit that I am Hamilton fan, so a disappointing end. But on a whole this has been the best F1 season in the last decade. There are several key points that I would like to make.

1. Hamilton in press
I am sat at home with today’s Guardian - headlines 'That's the hat-trick ... Hamilton the latest English sporting loser'. Ok, yes it has been a bad end to the week, but on hind sight we have been very luckily to even be in this situation. The football team have put this country to shame, that get paid millions and under perform. The English Rugby team were effectively down and out after there defeat to South Africa the first time. If someone had said to them after that match you would be playing them again in the final and only lose by a handful of points - millions of people would have laughed. The same can really be said about Hamilton. He is no loser. If you had said to him this time last year, 'you are going to beat the current double world champion (who don’t forget beat Schumacher to the title) and be fighting the Championship' I am pretty sure that he would have taken that and laughed.

2. The Spy
This has only made F1 more interesting and made more people interested in it.

3. The downfall of Alonso
For me before this season Alonso was seen as a great sportsman in the sport, but look back on who he was being compared too (M Schumacher!! - which states it all). Without Schumacher, it is Alonso that has come out with unsporting behaviour that even Michael would be proud of! I really hope that McLaren kick him out and as Lauda has been quoted in saying 'McLaren should sue him!'. However McLaren may say that Alonso is worth keeping due to sponsorship and media coverage - Add media attention is good. Without the scandal I don’t believe that 'Vodaphone' would have been headline news! But they now appear to have an even better asset. Hamilton. A team player that looks set to be there for life. An English team with an English top driver. What more could you ask for. There is of course speculation that Hamilton will be the first sportsman to earn £100million a year and be bigger than Tiger Woods and Beckham.

4. What an end to a season
I just wonder what the statistics are of the amount of F1 fans that had a heart attack during the period of time the GP was on air! It really was edge of the sit stuff. The drama’s of Hamilton and the belief that he could still do it was amazing. All that’s left to say is roll on next season! (With the hope that BMW will make the top 2 teams, the top 3 and then things really will get spicy - also can Honda make a car that works?). And very finally ‘Where will Alonso be?’ - gardening on hopes!

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